Woodwick Sea Salt Magnolia Wax Melt

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Woodwick Sea Salt Magnolia Wax Melt

Delicate magnolia blossomd blended with light citrus notes and sea salt.

Developed with a unique blend of herbs, dashed with deep woody fragrances and citrus undertones, this tasteful palette of vibrant painted textures is sure to bring out your inner artisan.

Available in the iconic WoodWick Candle Hourglass Shape, the Artisan Collection wax melts features easily breakable squares perfect for any standard wax warmer, traditional or electric.

Just pop a wax melt square onto a wax burner and light a tea light below, or use one of our electric burners to remove the need for a flame.

The scent will diffuse into your room and last for up to 10 hours per wax square.



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Weight 32 g



Citrus, herbs, Woody


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