Woodwick Trilogy Nautical Escape Medium Jar Candle

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Woodwick Trilogy Nautical Escape Medium Jar Candle

This Trilogy candle layers three popular fragrances: Tropical Oasis, Sand & Driftwood, At The Beach

  • Tropical Oasis: A paradise filled with tropical fruits and crystal clear waters to refresh your mind and create pure serenity.
  • Sand & Driftwood: A perfect balance of sun-washed wood, sea grass, and soft white sand.
  • At the Beach: Escape to the beach with the summery scents of tropical citrus, creamy coconut and cool sea breezes.

This popular collection offers fragrance combinations that create their own unique experience as the layers melt together

Crackling Pluswick Innovation wooden wick creates a cosy atmosphere

Burn time: up to 60 hours

High-quality paraffin and soy waxes are blended to produce a beautiful burn



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Weight 635 g


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