Woodwick Trilogy Cozy Cabin Large Jar Candle

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Woodwick Trilogy Cozy Cabin Large Jar Candle

This Trilogy candle layers three popular fragrances: evening Bonfire, oud wood, and wood smoke

  • Evening Bonfire: The inviting scent of warm woods brings memories of cool nights around a smoldering fire with your dearest friends.
  • Oudwood: Alluring amber and aromatic oudwood fused with creamy vanilla and undertones of smoked incense.
  • Wood Smoke: The genuine scents of cedar and glowing embers create the nostalgic comfort of a crackling fire

This popular collection offers fragrance combinations that create their own unique experience as the layers melt together

Crackling Pluswick Innovation wooden wick creates a cosy atmosphere

Burn time: up to 130hours

High-quality paraffin and soy waxes are blended to produce a beautiful burn



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Weight 1125 g


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